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Coastal Technology Corporation/GEC, Inc.

Project Type

Beach Restoration

Project Location

Vero Beach, FL

Services Provided

Onshore and offshore profiles

Project Description

Morgan & Eklund, Inc. (M&E) was subcontracted in January – June 2022 by Coastal Technology Corporation-GEC, Inc. (CT-GEC) on behalf of the St. Lucie County Erosion District to perform bathymetric survey services for the St Lucie County South Beach and Dune Restoration Project.

As a hydrographic survey company subcontractor to CT-GEC, M&E conducted pre- and post-construction bathymetric surveys of the borrow area proposed to be used by the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and identified by CT-GEC. They were consistent with the Florida Department of Environmental Protections (FDEP) Monitoring Standards for Beach Erosion Control Projects (see Section 01200—Borrow Site, Shoal and Other Bathymetric Surveying). Soundings for the bathymetric survey were taken at no greater than 25-foot intervals along sounding lines no more than 200 feet apart. The surveys extended approximately 500 feet beyond the limits of the borrow site. M&E hydrographic surveyors provided an AutoCAD copy of the survey and data in FDEP monitoring format.

st lucie county south beach dune restoration

M&E also performed physical monitoring services for immediate post-construction monitoring of the Project. M&E provided topographic and bathymetric profile surveys of the beach and offshore, including along FDEP reference monuments R-93 to R-115 in St. Lucie County and R01 through R-5 in Martin County. Two copies of signed and sealed survey drawings and an AutoCAD copy of the surveys, along with data in FDEP monitoring format, were provided to CT-GEC.

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