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Broward County Shore Protection Project


Eastman Aggregate Enterprises LLC

Project Type

Beach Nourishment (Truck Haul)

Project Location

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Services Provided

Pre-fill Data Collection

Morgan & Eklund, Inc. was subcontracted by Eastman Aggregate Enterprises LLC to provide survey support for the Broward County Shore Protection Project, Segment II which focused on Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, Pompano, and Fort Lauderdale Beaches.

Our firm provided two survey crews five days per week with RTK/GPS, total station, level, laser, fiberglass rods, tapes, etc. for the construction site locations. Field crews laid out the design template with grade stakes marked with Station, Range, and Design Elevation. We measured pre-fill cross-sections at 100’ stations out to 100 feet past the designed toe of fill and measured post-fill cross-sections which included an upland stockpile for the compensating slope template.

Within two hours of the data collection, we plotted post-fill cross-sections and computed the volume of sand in the stockpile to see if there was enough material to fill the template to 95 percent capacity. Our crews then measured the same cross-sections after grading out to 100’ past toe of fill and plotted graded cross-section versus design template to check for permitted slope compliance and meeting requirement of filling 95 percent of the template.

Final cross-sections were plotted showing station, range, MHW, MLW, design template with tolerance, colorized survey by date/time, and volume placed within the template.

Case Study

Brevard County Hurricane & Storm Damage Reduction

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