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Indian River County Coastal Monitoring Survey


Indian River County

Project Type

Coastal Erosion Monitoring

Project Location

Indian River County, FL

Services Provided

Onshore and offshore profiles

During the summer of 2018, Morgan & Eklund, Inc. was contracted by Indian River County to collect elevation data along 100 onshore and offshore profile lines from the FDEP coastal monitoring monument designated R-20 south to the county line and monument R-119.

The profile line alignments were established using RTK/GPS from the FDEP monument control points designated as A-monuments. Onshore profile line data was collected using a handheld laser for stationing and differential leveling for elevations out to –5 NAVD88. The offshore portion of the profile line overlapped the onshore profile by about 100’ so that the onshore and offshore data could be compared for station/elevation and to check for any horizontal or vertical offsets.

Morgan & Eklund, Inc. collected the offshore elevation data using our state-of-the-art bathymetric charting system consisting of a 26’ Parker Survey Boat, real-time Kinematic GPS System, Digital Fathometer, Hypack Navigation Software, and Heave, Pitch and Roll Compensator.

Water surface elevations were measured by the RTK/GPS System and verified to a tide staff elevated from an FDEP Range Monument using differential leveling.

Quality control procedures for the onshore and offshore profiles included closed-loop level runs, calibration of echo sounders using a “bar check,” verifying the correlation between onshore and offshore profiles in the overlap area and comparison of the recent profiles with historical data sets.

Case Study

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